HIGHLAND POLICE BLOTTER                                                


In an effort to better inform our citizens, we will be implementing a new initiative entitled “Highland Police Blotter”.  We will attempt on a daily basis (depending upon staffing due to illness, vacations, etc), to list the prior days “calls for service” that our police department responded to.  Weekend and holiday calls for service will not be entered until hopefully the next business day.  A report will remain active for approximately seven days on this site before it is purged. 


Please realize however, that often times a “call for service”, that is, a citizen calling our Dispatch Center reporting what they believe a crime or requesting our assistance for other reasons may not necessarily be the case at hand.  An example of this would be someone calling in to report what they believed they heard to be “gun-shots”.  The call for service will be listed as “gun-shots”, however, as in nearly all cases of this type, officers will find evidence or speak to individuals who instead were lighting off fireworks.  Another example would be a “suspicious person”.  The call for service will be listed as a “suspicious person”.  Often times however, officers arrive only to find an extended relative or family friend visiting. 


Additionally, only the hundred blocks are listed in the location as opposed to specific addresses for privacy purposes. 


We encourage you to contact the police department to report any suspicious activity while it is occurring and let us determine its authenticity upon our arrival.  We would rather respond to a call for service and find that everything is in order than respond later in the day only to find a crime had occurred. 


Finally, at the end of each month, we will post the total number of citations written, warnings written, and arrests made…it will not however, identify specific individuals. 


Should we deem a situation a significant event, we will attempt to post that information on our recent “Press Releases” section.   


However, this service may change within the next two to three months and be replaced with an actual Crime Mapping Program which will display all the current information however in a map setting…which will be a tremendous improvement.